January 21, 2022

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The Bond Song Rejects: Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash among those that didn’t make the cut

Why does the Bond song matter? Well, the theme songs have always been more about marketing than artistic vision, and, therefore, the more dated and musty the Bond franchise got, the edgier its singers and title tracks became.

The songs, essentially, became the only way to get the film into the news, on to people’s timelines; the only way to get awards nominations.The last two Bond theme songs — Adele’s Skyfall (2012) and Sam Smith’s Writing’s On The Wall (from Spectre, 2015) — both won Oscars, and were the first Oscar nominations for a Bond film since 1979, and the first wins since 1966.

The songs have become a way to appeal to an audience that may not know of Ian Fleming, and have likely never come across any of his novels. So it makes sense that this year’s Bond singer is Billie Eilish, the edgy 18-year-old that everyone’s talking about. Her No Time To Die was released on February 13 and has since had 31.5 million views on YouTube alone.She’s the youngest artists to ever do a Bond theme song, and she was approached at a time when fans of Beyoncé and Dua Lipa were hoping those divas would be asked instead.

So exactly how cool do you have to be to make the cut? It turns out several music legends, over the years, have submitted tracks for consideration and been bluntly turned down — including Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash, Alice Cooper, Amy Winehouse, Blondie and Radiohead.