January 21, 2022

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Fast & Furious 9 teaser: This 4 second shot took 8 months of preparation

A new teaser for the upcoming  was shared online on Monday, after having played during the Super Bowl. Director Justin Lin tweeted about the teaser’s money shot, and gave an indication of the work that went into it.

The 30-second clip concluded with a shot of a car being thrown into a building, and smashing through on the other side, into a passing truck. While many believed the shot to have been executed via CGI, Lin took to Twitter to share some behind-the-scenes looks at how the stunt was actually performed, practically.

“One 4 second shot in #F9. 8 months of prep. 4 days of production. 3 cars destroyed. Work from over a hundred of the most dedicated and talented crew. Best job in the world!,” he wrote. The clip showed actual cars being flung around set, and concluded with the final version.