January 21, 2022

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I Care a Lot review: Rosamund Pike pilots devilishly entertaining dark comedy

 for watching Rosamund Pike in Pride & Prejudice like the rest of us, but being the only one to notice that she had a hint of mania in her eyes. Had it not been for Fincher, who famously cast Pike against type in Gone Girl, Hollywood might have pigeonholed her into forgettable action sequels, or playing sharply dressed attorneys opposite whichever white male was hot at the moment.We most certainly wouldn’t have had the pleasure of watching her flex her inner psychopath in director J Blakeson’s I Care a Lot, out in India on Netflix, and in certain other territories on Amazon Prime Video. Equal parts Fincher noir and caper, I Care a Lot is precisely the sort of film that Blakeson should’ve made after his phenomenal debut, The Disappearance of Alice Creed, had he not been sidetracked by the allure of a possible Hollywood franchise.